Skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies: Piece 17

She was a funny little thing that childhood me – skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies. She used to like to pretend she knew Joan of Arc personally. She was riding in her army. She stopped her burning at the stake. She loved to pretend she was Heidi, and so when takingContinue reading “Skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies: Piece 17”

The Fourth Brother: Piece 11

Justin: Image Courtesy of Caleb I always tend to think of Justin as my fourth brother. He was always there to listen, especially when my youngest brother was in a coma after being knocked off his bike. He made me feel safe, and was there to dry my tears and check that I was okay.  Continue reading “The Fourth Brother: Piece 11”

Karate Brother

Gullible. Yes, even though I was the eldest by one year, sometimes my brother’s charm, made me do silly things. I wised up as I grew older and wiser, but not after a few hard lessons. One of these occurred when he had set the lounge up to practice ‘karate.’ ‘Sis, I need someone toContinue reading “Karate Brother”