Support a Queensland Writing Festival

The Cairns Tropical Writers Festival is coming up soon, and they are doing some lead up events to assist with raising funds to put the festival on. Whilst living in North Queensland, I was lucky enough to make it to this home grown festival highlighting local and visiting talent, twice. Once I was invited toContinue reading “Support a Queensland Writing Festival”

The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn – part 2

There have been times when Shirley Lynn has doubted herself or felt intensely critical of her work, but she works through this trepidation by reaching out to other musicians and making sure she shares her songs anyway. Lynn shares: I’m learning to have more confidence as a creative. I can recognise negative thoughts, hearing whatContinue reading “The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn – part 2”

The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn – Part 1

It’s a cold Brisbane morning when I phone Shirley Lynn, a singer-songwriter, based in the much warmer Cairns. I first met Lynn at Song Trails, a weekend song writing workshop, Tully, in 2012 and was impressed by her constructive and enthusiastic communication and the original compositions she shared. Since then Lynn has been having someContinue reading “The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn – Part 1”

Writer and Creative Gumbootspearlz

I just wanted to share my professional website with you.  The picture above is of the front cover. You can find the website by clicking  HERE or on the image above.  It includes some video, links to books in progress, and sound cloud as well. It has been wonderful obtaining feedback, from coworkers or participantsContinue reading “Writer and Creative Gumbootspearlz”