Beyond Frames

A poem from Under One Sky

Ripple Poetry

Image by June Perkins

I am looking for the frames
to help me break the frames;
remembering Playschool windows
round, oval, and square.

I am remembering how my dolls
were broken hand-me-downs
and how I thought my frizzy hair
made me look a clown.

I was a little mother
to my brothers growing up
and wondered if they would
ever dare to break the frames.

I always wanted to have the
Straightest hair.
I never understood why.

Fighting back those tears of growing up
I’m still looking beyond the frames
living in the land of sugar cane.

I’m seeing all the kids running off to school
They’re so caught up trying to be cool
a little bit of facebook, a little bit of blackberry
but bullying’s the same
hasn’t much changed.

Everybody’s trying to be the same
no one really wants to break the frame.

But every now and then…

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Country Music – Calls to My Heart

After an intensive blog challenge writing month, I am doing more private writing.  Next month I will share fewer stories but more regular photographs.  However, I am going to be disciplined and just share one photograph each time.  Obviously I take more, but there is always one I particularly like at the end of the session – ‘the stand out photograph.’  Sometimes it’s because it says more than this is my son or family and speaks to something wider.

Today my assignment was to take photographs of my son in a country setting with his guitar case.  I like country albums with people sitting on their guitars, near the country, or by the side of the road, and really want a few photos like this for my folio.

Here’s the one I like the most from today’s efforts!

Country Music – Calls to My Heart

Country Music
Country Music, Calls to My Heart – June Perkins

Ah soon the  holidays will be here, and plenty more time to listen to and play music – whether it be country inspired, folk, blues – time to crank up the music and relax.

Will be good to have more sleep when the farmers have finished preparing their fields for next season and the bandicoots stop prowling – mind you there’s always the ear plugs if we get desperate.  How many pairs do we have again?