Epic Journeys and Families Meant to Be

My friend Mel is on an epic journey to become a full time mum who is able to live in the country she chooses with her currently, foster, but hopefully to one day be adopted son. This journey actually began as a reaching out to voluntarily help people in the Philippines after a typhoon, thisContinue reading “Epic Journeys and Families Meant to Be”

Operation Bath Time for the Guinea Pig Crew

  Mouse’s ‘A Story of a Tree’ and Michael Lloyd’s family ritual tales remind me that often family life is made up of small rituals that over time become richly significant. ** One of the small rituals of our family’s life is bath time for our champion guinea pig crew; champion because they survived CycloneContinue reading “Operation Bath Time for the Guinea Pig Crew”

Eternal Spirit on Mortal Paper

A house full of sick kids and constant calls for Mum to please by nearby, snatched moments to rest and build energy for another round of vomiting from youngest and a complete ignoring of deadlines – that’s been my week. Now any dedicated parent will tell you in a house full of illness you needContinue reading “Eternal Spirit on Mortal Paper”