Happy Ayyam-i-Ha


Happy Ayyam-i-Ha – we celebrated by going to Warrina Lakes in Innisfail – a place where there were mother ducks with ducklings on the water, lilly pads in abundance and rain looming.

Our celebration was not marred by the weather;  we managed to mostly avoid the rain.  A big downpour came just as we were leaving.  We are used to this living in rain country though and have learnt to make the best of the patches of rain free when it can be simply glorious up here.

Everyone watched for fish jumping out of the water.  There were ripples to indicate there were many rippling under the water. Everyone wore such bright colours, multicoloured Torres Strait Dresses, purple tops, blues and greens – what a colour garden of garments.

Some of the kids went for a swim at the small paddling pool there with an adult to care for them, whilst others at the celebration chatted and went off in search of photographs and turtles.

No turtles were found, but laughter was and some photographs of happy people enjoying the days before the Baha’i Fast begins were snapped.

We enjoyed the potluck lunch we had all contributed to – and said a prayer for this special day celebrated by Baha’is all around the world.

Someone had thoughtfully bought some chocolate for the children.  This was gently distributed.

Now soon we enter the days of the Fast, and prepare for the coming of the Baha’i New Year.  Reflecting on  year since Yasi and a bit, the impact of this on two Baha’i Families in the area was enormous.  Both families are still sorting out post cyclone rubbish, and tiring out in the process – but they are working hard at getting totally back on track.

This coming together of Bahais in the Cassowary Coast was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company.  Memories of Ayyam-i-Ha in childhood still come to mind and it is special to be sharing these with my own children now.

(c) June Perkins