Back to University

So there may not be too much going on my blog, but behind the scenes is another story. I recently made the monumental decision to return to university to study a masters of teaching! My goal is to become a high school teacher of humanities and literature, and or work in curriculum design and educationContinue reading “Back to University”

The Surprise

I like to go through my day mindful of my surroundings, letting thoughts rush through me.     Noticing the shadows cast by the trees and the gaps of green between them. Noticing the bird, is it a pheasant? disappearing into the woods. Thinking about what happened in Nagasaki all those years ago.    Continue reading “The Surprise”

Reinvention and New Horizons

So the big news is that we are MOVING.  We’re headed for the ‘big smoke’, the city after 8 years in the country. It’s time to explore new horizons, and take on and create new opportunities.  This blog was about the country life, and now maybe it might be about the shift from country backContinue reading “Reinvention and New Horizons”

Fruit for Peace

Today’s poem was inspired by events, both macro and micro. Some children stole fruit and someone else blew up a marathon. It made me think about how childhood is where we all begin and yet there are so many places we can end up, in terms of actions. I was inspired though also by aContinue reading “Fruit for Peace”