The Surprise

I like to go through my day mindful of my surroundings, letting thoughts rush through me.




Noticing the shadows cast by the trees and the gaps of green between them.

Noticing the bird, is it a pheasant? disappearing into the woods.

Thinking about what happened in Nagasaki all those years ago.




Noticing the delicacy of the spider’s web draped across a leaf

announcing its artistry.

announcing the delicacy of human relationships.


And then sometimes there are surprises like a new chainsaw sculpture – this time an Emu with eggs.




Walking mindfully is full of disturbances, ruptures, and then rewards

leading me to think of poems and stories everywhere I go and be, and dream

the possibility of peace.

(c)  June Perkins

Reinvention and New Horizons

So the big news is that we are MOVING.  We’re headed for the ‘big smoke’, the city after 8 years in the country.

It’s time to explore new horizons, and take on and create new opportunities.  This blog was about the country life, and now maybe it might be about the shift from country back to the city and new dreams.  I haven’t decided yet.  Is it time to retire this blog?

The good news is that in the city are lots of the online writing sprint friends, and creative friends who moved from Far North Queensland to Brisbane and who’ve stayed in touch online.

I was amazed that when we announced the move to find out just how many of my facebook buddies live close to this part of the world and I will meet them in real space for the first time.

It’s been a nostalgic week thinking of all we have been through in the country, both challenging and uplifting.  We are ready for the change, but there is so much we will miss.

As this chapter closes and a new opens several projects come to fruition: a book launch, an exhibition, and a series of short documentaries – what a busy time not to mention a son graduating from high school, a daughter moving into senior years and a son beginning high school next year.

We will leave right in the middle of cyclone season.   A new beginning,  and a definite road trip, onwards into the future.


Fruit for Peace

Today’s poem was inspired by events, both macro and micro. Some children stole fruit and someone else blew up a marathon. It made me think about how childhood is where we all begin and yet there are so many places we can end up, in terms of actions.

I was inspired though also by a sweet child (not involved in the stealing) who was kind and when I gave him and his friend fruit he immediately wanted to make a time to bring over lemonade for the family from his mother. There is real goodness in the world and children being raised by caring parents who give them wonderful values. I think though that child will deserve a poem all of his own.

running boy3
Running Boy – June Perkins

It began by taking without asking
children stealing tempting fruit from the tree.

It ended with peace keeping over the fence
a request to ask before taking.

I found that my heart can’t keep grudges
it is forgiving at the core.

The ants bit me sharply
but the children seemed to listen
and began to ask.

Next time I’ll remind them
of the magic word.

If only all problems were this simple
and kindness could overcome
temptation to do the wrong thing and
things much deeper like
loneliness, madness, hatred.

Somewhere in Boston explosions rocked the day
I found myself thinking whoever did this was once a child.

What happened to their heart?
Did they take without asking?

Did others take from them without asking?
What led to someone wanting to hurt so many people?

Standing at the finish line of my day
I wonder what magic words will make those who lost someone today
able to forgive.

Justice stings the situation
this is no simple taking of a piece of fruit.

I wonder if there is anywhere we can all run
and find the fruits of our labours
to build the world where all will be safe.

By June Perkins