Reaching the Mountain of My First Draft

I am looking down the pathway of writing my way to the mountain of my completed first draft. Using my plan and outline as a map and continuing to read books that inspire me when I become stuck, I have reached my fourth chapter. I am following the plan, but letting the characters help meContinue reading “Reaching the Mountain of My First Draft”

PiBoIdMo Day 6: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen’s Characters are the Key (plus a prize!)

Originally posted on Writing for Kids (While Raising Them):
by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen It’s still early in Picture Book Idea Month, and hopefully you’re all still overflowing with ideas that you can put down on paper. It does get tougher as the month continues, but bravo to you for taking up the challenge! You’re going to…

Close to the Bone

There’s too many stories in my head I want to tell them so I can be free. They begin by spilling onto the page in fragments but which ones will stick there and make their journey to a reader somewhere all jostle with each other and have characters who demand ‘give me my journey andContinue reading “Close to the Bone”