Freedom For Every Child

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From the Perkins Family Archive I wish for every child in the world, freedom from war, freedom from hunger, free education, and someone who cares for them and loves to read them poetry. Thanks so much to the following people for their much valued and precious feedback on Magic…

Guest at Children’s Book Academy Blog

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Presenting at Sandcliffe Writers Festival photo courtesy of Jo Hoffman “One of the best parts of running the Children’s Book Academy is seeing the beautiful books that our students make. This one is from June Perkins who took our Self-Publishing with Crowdfunding course, co-taught by Jed Alexander and myself.…

Thank You Dear Backers All

‘Thank you dear backers all’ sing the Magic Fish Dreaming Team. ‘We hold you in high esteem For believing in our book dream. We plan to do you proud And thank you beautiful crowd for answering our kickstarter call. Bless you – one and all.’ ** Honour Blog Roll Yvonne Mes Dimity Powell Tahirih Twyford AnilContinue reading “Thank You Dear Backers All”

Illustrator Course Scholarships

Just letting you know about this opportunity through the Children’s Book Academy. I thoroughly enjoyed the last course I did with Mira Riseberg and she puts some wonderful teams together to deliver inspiration and practical skills. The Rafael Lopez and Pat Cummings Merit Scholarships are open until August 27th For the Craft and Business ofContinue reading “Illustrator Course Scholarships”

Leaping Forward – Kickstarting Dreams

This year I did one of the Children’s Book Academy Courses -‘ how to run a successful kickstarter campaign,’ with Mira Riseberg and Jed Alexander. It was brilliant for helping me focus on why I  write and in ‘kickstarting’ and skilling me to pick a  children’s book that would be suitable for launching with aContinue reading “Leaping Forward – Kickstarting Dreams”