Pearlz Dreaming – Ebook Collections

34 pages of art, story and poetry on Queensland drawn from June Perkins blogs and including some never before shown art. All part of a journey of learning by doing, more ebooks, coffee table books, prints, and other books to nurture the soul etc on the way.   All sales go to support June continuingContinue reading “Pearlz Dreaming – Ebook Collections”

Writing Visually: Writing Sagas 14

  This morning I began working on words to go with some of my collage art and the picture that accompanies this post was inspired by some time spent with one of my friends at the beach with her sons.   I find this way of working is a good way to keep my creativityContinue reading “Writing Visually: Writing Sagas 14”

Creating across art forms: Writing Sagas 12

So this week’s writing sagas is a day late, and the reasons, I’ve been busy working in other art forms and this week my youngest was very ill and I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. Today I reflect on how the various forms of art ripple in my everyday life. I’ve been creatingContinue reading “Creating across art forms: Writing Sagas 12”