Ink of Light just over two weeks to go!

With 12 presenters, 16 sessions, 3 surprises, panels, workshops, a keynote speech full of music, and interesting speakers it’s going to be a brilliant couple of days! Looking forward to catching up with old friends, making new ones, and community building through the arts, especially writing. Visit Ink of Light for more information and toContinue reading “Ink of Light just over two weeks to go!”

5 years on from Yasi

It’s┬ácoming up to the 5th Anniversary of Cyclone Yasi. This was our cyclone night.   But you know it’s not what I choose to remember. . . for me it will always be the community spirit afterwards. I was compelled to photograph and video this recovery process – both in nature and community, and compiledContinue reading “5 years on from Yasi”