Writing the Country

Lately I’ve been sharing a few book links – so excited to be making progress on non blog writing. It has me thinking about why I keep a blog? I also keep trying to pin down what I want to write about and why to share it on a space like this. So part of theContinue reading “Writing the Country”

Returning North

This story  first appeared at ABC Open’s, New In Town.  Head over there to read more stories on this theme. So many times my hubby and I were new and then gone. We always seemed to be just settling in when it was suddenly time to go again. This follow, or be blown, by the wind lifeContinue reading “Returning North”

Rescue Time

‘Guess what!’ My daughter sounded so excited. She put her head around the corner, and in her hands was a turtle. As they were driving home, her brother, Dad and she came across a turtle with a damaged foot. He had been on the highway, probably looking for another creek. They nearly ran over him.Continue reading “Rescue Time”

Country Music – Calls to My Heart

After an intensive blog challenge writing month, I am doing more private writing.  Next month I will share fewer stories but more regular photographs.  However, I am going to be disciplined and just share one photograph each time.  Obviously I take more, but there is always one I particularly like at the end of theContinue reading “Country Music – Calls to My Heart”

The Farmer’s Wife: Piece 16

  She teaches me how to drive a car as if I was an extra sister or a daughter, so I can be free to leave my country home.  She says St Christopher will keep me safe when travelling and on the day of my driving test. Country places are shocking for public transport andContinue reading “The Farmer’s Wife: Piece 16”