Creatavist – a place for digital stories


Time for Saturday writing sagas to begin again.

I have discovered the joys of building on creatavist.

You can check out my creations there by visiting Gumbootspearlz Creatavist.

Now keen to start putting sound and media into the next creations.

I have been working hard to understand ebook formatting options and ereaders and applications.

Finally after two weeks of solid googling, I feel I’m making some progress.

Conclusion, we need a universal language of ebooking, that also allows for fixed page format that can cope with complex graphics, but also encourages people to innovate and extend their online storytelling and embrace scrolling text and addition of video that is integrated into the reading experience.

The possibilities are exciting, and I was born to experiment with stories. How about you?

Saturday writing sagas is about to begin explorations of the digital publishing art forms and applications.

Stay tuned!