Gone Creating

Butterfly – June Perkins

Every now and then I need a blog writing break.   Whilst I’m away l feel free to look back through the space here, or go and visit  Northern Gal  or Ripple Poetry.

There’s so much going on I need space to breathe,  think, write in long hand in my notebooks, prepare videos, a book launch, folios, exhibitions (a local one the Sydney one was postponed), see my son finish year 12 and sing duets with my daughter.  She’s thinking about learning the bass guitar.  My kids are thinking about busking, so we’re looking into that too.

I am doing my best to have a break from social media for a while too, just need thinking space, a retreat to gather projects, ideas,  to be out and about with my camera, and be in real space friendships, family, and collaborations.

Be well, happy, creative and believe you can make a difference in the world, through both deliberate and random acts of kindness.

I will be back when I’m ready and thinking of you and sending you positive vibes for your life.

I’ll be sending out the newsletter before the end of the month, and you are always free to subscribe (see the sidebar) if you want to stay in touch with what I am up to, but for now, gone creating.

Yours Truly,

June Perkins

aka Pearlz, Gumbootspearlz.