Rainforest Writing Retreat

On the weekend I attended the Rainforest Writing Retreat organised by Charmaine Clancy and was blessed to meet author John Marsden. What a humble and gracious human being, patiently signing books and answering the questions of fans. I wrote a creative piece from one of the writing exercises he gave us during the masterclass andContinue reading “Rainforest Writing Retreat”

Magic Porridge, Haiku Sarah and Multiplying Guitars:Saturday Writing Sagas 5

Message to self : stop writing poetry. Why?  Answer: because you are not writing anything else and poetry is not going to make you a living in writing. The week began with a look through the ancient and not so ancient blog archives of Ripple, and ended with the editing and writing of several poems.Continue reading “Magic Porridge, Haiku Sarah and Multiplying Guitars:Saturday Writing Sagas 5”

Prompts for Creating your #500 words story

So you’re trying to create a 500 words or more memory story. You’re not sure where to start but you are keen to tap into your memory. Here are some practical ideas to get you going. All you need is your nose’s sense of smell, some pens, creativity, imagination, photographs,  the courage to interview someContinue reading “Prompts for Creating your #500 words story”

Confessions of a budding novelist, or after nanowrimo

After 180 pages with no plan other than a basic plot outline, I have decided that I have written a culture, a bunch of characters that I adore (far too many) and I know which passages are in the flow.  My world is visual, alive, vibrant, and I just love lots of it.  If  IContinue reading “Confessions of a budding novelist, or after nanowrimo”