Keep your chin up! Go Running with the Wolves…

After a hiatus from the blog and several other things, to make it through my first semester at university, I thought it would be timely to tackle ways to keep your chin up as we head into another snap lock down. Maybe everyone around you wants to discuss the sorry state of the world’s health,Continue reading “Keep your chin up! Go Running with the Wolves…”

Dare to Dream – A Sustainable Life as a Creative

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Our guest blogger is Dr June Perkins, who has recently published a beautiful children’s poetry book called “Magic Fish Dreaming”. To produce this book, June combined her artistic and creative talent, her academic qualifications in writing for empowerment, her poetic skills, her love of writing and reading, and her…

Day Dreaming

This week the internet just made my creative head space feel so cluttered and fuzzy, out of shape and tired.   I decided I need a break from the grief the news the despair the massive overload of information even its joy can seem too much and become over the top.   I just neededContinue reading “Day Dreaming”

PiBoIdMo Hooray

Hooray – made it with 30 ideas.   This time thinking a lot about environment, non-fiction, funny sayings,  fractured fairy tales with a twist,  and weird mixes of ideas – and ideas for cultural books. Also some ideas for more poetry books. Congratulations to everyone else who made it too, or even got close.  JustContinue reading “PiBoIdMo Hooray”

PiBoIdMo Day 3: When Grace Lin’s Picture Book Idea Isn’t a Picture Book (plus a prize!)

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by Grace Lin I laughed a little when Tara asked me if I’d like to guest blog for PiBoIdMo. My last picture book was published over five years ago, around the time we were all trying to figure out if the report of the death of…