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For Phillip Hughes No personal memories have I only the memory of my son loving watching your games on television. He knows all your stats and history as young Aussie cricketers tend to do. On the day you passed the storms came suddenly and hailstone the size of cricket balls fell…

Living Dreams – Beginning Somewhere

  To reach a dream, you first have to have one. For the last three years my youngest has dreamed of playing cricket in a team. He wants to play for Australia if he can. Every dream has to start somewhere. He has begun his in the back yard playing against his much older brother.Continue reading “Living Dreams – Beginning Somewhere”

Film Stills

Here are some stills from the short films I am working on for a friend’s website. They have an experimental element to them as requested by the producer/dancer Danielle. Danielle danced with a lot of emotion and had a story she wanted to express.  I am enjoying the collaborative process and looking forward to showingContinue reading “Film Stills”

Backyard Dreaming

Family Rituals is the next theme for ABC Open’s 500 Words. Thinking of summer coming up and family – I couldn’t help but think and write of our many games of cricket! What are your family rituals?   Backyard waits. The lawn’s mowed to resemble the perfect cricket green of our imagination. Bats out. Reality. Continue reading “Backyard Dreaming”

Wonder a Day 11: Cricket

Today’s theme the wonders of the great game – cricket! We were blessed to take my youngest to a Pakistan versus Australia game where Ricky Ponting scored 209.  We were on a trip to Tassie to see my parents and youngest who is a cricket fanatic worked out there was a game in Hobart andContinue reading “Wonder a Day 11: Cricket”