Operation Bath Time for the Guinea Pig Crew

  Mouse’s ‘A Story of a Tree’ and Michael Lloyd’s family ritual tales remind me that often family life is made up of small rituals that over time become richly significant. ** One of the small rituals of our family’s life is bath time for our champion guinea pig crew; champion because they survived CycloneContinue reading “Operation Bath Time for the Guinea Pig Crew”

Finding the Zone in Song Writing – through Song Trails Tully

This year Tully Song Trails  gathered the musical experience of nineteen people from the ages of fifteen to seventy-eight years. All ages worked together and came from the genres of  bubble gum punk,  folk, country, rhythm and blues, and rock.  We had harp,  saxophones,  bass, flutes, guitar, trumpet and voices – high and low – allContinue reading “Finding the Zone in Song Writing – through Song Trails Tully”

Dancing Recovery

Today we had a meeting of the artistic, technical and documentation crew as well as the community cultural development officer and other council staff, to help Danielle Wilson with the Dance Recovery workshop happening this Thursday at the Innisfail Shire Hall. It was exciting and enlightening to have everyone familiarising themselves with Danielle’s overall planContinue reading “Dancing Recovery”

Now and Then; Series 2 comes to Tully

So yesterday it was time to walk around Tully to take our Now and Then photos.  We prepared for the task in the morning at a workshop with ABC Open producers, Michael Bromage and Leandro Palacio.  They showed examples, and took everyone through the steps of what we needed to do.   It was during thisContinue reading “Now and Then; Series 2 comes to Tully”

Moment Behind the Photograph – workshop in the Cassowary Coast

Photographs can be amazing story sparkers, as a small but enthusiastic group of participants found when Leandro Palacio came to C4 to run a free community workshop. Weaving, Cyclone Yasi stories, lessons from nature’s creatures, and empowerment of Aboriginal youth were some of the themes to emerge from participants’ photographs. Leandro introduced ABCopen by playingContinue reading “Moment Behind the Photograph – workshop in the Cassowary Coast”