Asked about a Category 5 cyclone

A few days ago, I was in a creativity bubble and not paying attention to weather news for the first time in years. I received a call from ABC podcasters the Signal, who wanted to interview someone who knew what it was like to be in the pathway of a massive cyclone. Here is aContinue reading “Asked about a Category 5 cyclone”

Cyclone Inspired Poetry 2

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by June Perkins What Would Emily Say? The creek is still here skeleton bush returns bit by bit but the swinging tree by the waterhole is gone. The tiny blue trimmed butterflies hide with the dandelions gold and brown ones nestle deep into the green grass capturing them with my…

Cyclone Inspired Poetry 1

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Feluga after cyclone Yasi – by June Perkins After Yasi He said, ‘You are not out of the ordinary if you feel a little apathy.’ She said, ‘We’re still sleeping on our veranda. It’s so cold.’ He said, ‘Scaffolding arrived on Saturday mornings well before breakfast,’ then yawned. She said,…

5 years on from Yasi

It’s coming up to the 5th Anniversary of Cyclone Yasi. This was our cyclone night.   But you know it’s not what I choose to remember. . . for me it will always be the community spirit afterwards. I was compelled to photograph and video this recovery process – both in nature and community, and compiledContinue reading “5 years on from Yasi”

Blog Hop Begins – Recovering Joy after Cyclone Yasi

A four year journey to create this ebook.  Finally it’s here. Documenting Disaster Recovery for Beginners  ABC Open “It’s powerful to document something you have been through with a community, like bush fire, cyclone, flood, storm, tsunami, but how can you write, video, photograph it in a way that is accessible to people who haven’tContinue reading “Blog Hop Begins – Recovering Joy after Cyclone Yasi”