Hooray Ebook After Yasi Ready

Just letting you know the ebook of After Yasi is now available for $4.75 (Australian Dollars). Currency converter here http://www.xe.com/pca/input.php (That’s about 2.56 pounds and $3.86 US dollars) Full of interesting links to blogs, videos and photo sets on the recovery after yasi and a slightly adapted version of the coffee table book version (slightly fewerContinue reading “Hooray Ebook After Yasi Ready”

If Glass Could Talk

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Image By June Perkins for Jacque If only all the tiny shards of glass bottle brown wine green yellow and purple orchid swirls could talk What would they say if fragments realigned knit themselves back like broken bones entwined in casts and heroes walked? What if the paralysed could miracle…

Filming with Sensitivity: The Sacred Space of Healing through Dance

It was just so rewarding and exciting to assist my friend Danielle Wilson by filming behind the scenes of her project Dance for Recovery.  She was supported in her vision by two community arts workers,  Avril Duck and Melissa Robertson working for Connecting Community Voices, ISAY project, funded by Far North Queensland Volunteers inc, and severalContinue reading “Filming with Sensitivity: The Sacred Space of Healing through Dance”

Wonders and Perils of the Natural World

Nature – so much peace and calm to be found in her rainforests, by her oceans with sunrises and sunsets full of glory, at the top of her mountains or in planes where we can perch and see the topographies of landscape,  and at other times she is a tempest and brings storms, earthquakes, floods,Continue reading “Wonders and Perils of the Natural World”