Guinea Pig Magic

Photo Credit: June Perkins Guinea Pigs rock.  Ours have to be the most spoiled I know.  They have an indoor cage,  on the balcony cage,  outdoor cage, a playpen, and a daybed with sunshade.   They are in a tribe of four but we separate them at night as they were having a few guinea pigContinue reading “Guinea Pig Magic”

Healthy Environments

So today a friend on facebook said that a green tree frog is a barometer of a healthy environment. ‘I love green tree frogs,’ said another whose profile picture was her face peering out from a tree frog cut out that you stand in at a zoo. Another commented how his wife paints them inContinue reading “Healthy Environments”

Red NG club of Cyclone Yasi

Snapped Kauri Pine near Feluga and our old home (c) June Perkins We joined the red ng club.  NG means no go.  Your property is not safe for others to tarp or help remove stuff from.  However, we are getting everything out that we can. The red ng has meant we can’t get any helpContinue reading “Red NG club of Cyclone Yasi”

Yasi – our story one of many

What is it like to go through a category 5 cyclone?  I never thought I would know the answer to this question and that I would, along with my family and many other cassowary coasters, experience the strength of the wind in a house that shook as if it was Dorothy’s in the story ofContinue reading “Yasi – our story one of many”