Filming Free to Move

Spent Wednesday filming for Danielle Wilson’s Free to Move and Dance philosophy for her website.  What an inspiring day, and the image above is just one that will stay with me.  The candles set a beautiful atmosphere. So wonderful to spend the day with four creative and expressive human beings.   The day was  emotional,Continue reading “Filming Free to Move”

Dance for Recovery – Films soon to be Released

The Documentary Dance for Recovery Behind the Scenes is almost complete. Final edits today and then it is sent to the project organisers. It’s been the biggest project in my short film making journey so far. Many documentaries are done by a full crew and have the luxury of people specialising in editing of sound,Continue reading “Dance for Recovery – Films soon to be Released”

Filming with Sensitivity: The Sacred Space of Healing through Dance

It was just so rewarding and exciting to assist my friend Danielle Wilson by filming behind the scenes of her project Dance for Recovery.  She was supported in her vision by two community arts workers,  Avril Duck and Melissa Robertson working for Connecting Community Voices, ISAY project, funded by Far North Queensland Volunteers inc, and severalContinue reading “Filming with Sensitivity: The Sacred Space of Healing through Dance”

Dancing Recovery

Today we had a meeting of the artistic, technical and documentation crew as well as the community cultural development officer and other council staff, to help Danielle Wilson with the Dance Recovery workshop happening this Thursday at the Innisfail Shire Hall. It was exciting and enlightening to have everyone familiarising themselves with Danielle’s overall planContinue reading “Dancing Recovery”