Blog Blasting The Fix-it-Man

Welcome to my contribution to the The Fix-it-Man blog blast! You can find more sneak peak posts  and sneak reviews TODAY at all the following super cool online spaces where people review and interview authors.   Kids’ Book Review – Tania McCartney – review Creative Kids’ Tales – Georgie Donaghey – + Tours at theContinue reading “Blog Blasting The Fix-it-Man”

Frangipani Dreaming

Dear Daughter is teaching me how to use parts of the photoshop program that I don’t know very well.  There are lots of online videos, and classes you can go to, but I love that my daughter can teach me. She’s learning it at school, but experiments a lot in the programs too and hasContinue reading “Frangipani Dreaming”

Gumboots Festival Time

It’s that time of year again when Tully gears up for the Golden Gumboots Festival. My daughter is considering entering the Golden Gumboot Quest.  We’re not really into quests so how has this happened? In fact, the last time a child of mine entered one was my eldest son as a baby in a shoppingContinue reading “Gumboots Festival Time”

Look Don’t Touch

This is one of my contributions to the ABC Open project 500 words. I felt inspired by the topic and am loving reading everyone’s contributions. Mum has always loved gardens.  She used to stop and knock on our neighbours’ doors when their gardens had plants with brilliant potential cuttings.   Then she would ask ‘DoContinue reading “Look Don’t Touch”