Declutter and the Master Plan: Saturday Writing Sagas 4

When I need to clear my head I tidy loose ends. I sort and stack, file and refile, move furniture,  wash, fold, renovate and repair. Sounds like avoidance, but actually it’s like the external work is doing internal work on my mind. It is a process of sorting, prioritising and turning creative piles into manageable, streamlined tasks.Continue reading “Declutter and the Master Plan: Saturday Writing Sagas 4”

Finding Butterflies & Letting go of Clutter

There’s nothing like finding butterflies. A recent walk at Tully Gorge led to some opportunities to capture them on camera and remember their beauty. The occasion was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. I’d never have a chance with a net, nor would I want to capture them and place them in a display case. I likeContinue reading “Finding Butterflies & Letting go of Clutter”