Ancestry as Fossil

It was a fabulous experience to prepare a conversation for the AFTS 2022 conference in Brisbane. Inspired by the Flesh to Fossil theme, Lauren and I discussed the idea of ancestry as fossil and thinking of our audience not just ourselves from the very beginning, our discussions began. Through the course of our preparations, weContinue reading “Ancestry as Fossil”

Diaspora Fairy Tales

It was brilliant to present with Sharon Orapeling (Botswana) and Roselle Tenefrancia (Philippines) at the recent annual Australian Fairy Tale Conference hosted this year in Brisbane. Many more thoughts on this conference to come, but this is a summary highlight of our presentation. We began by acknowledging the many nations, of Indigenous Australia before itContinue reading “Diaspora Fairy Tales”

Reflections on Working with June

I would say that my first introduction to June was serendipitous, as it was a time when I needed to feel that there are opportunities for writing on diaspora experiences that are not necessarily academic or literary. Working with June for WQ’s Diaspora edition was very special for me, as she encouraged personal and intimateContinue reading “Reflections on Working with June”

Diaspora Panel – WQ 275

(Pictured above: Sharon, Dimity and June) Delighted to be on a panel with these two insightful women, Sharon Orapeleng, and Dimity Powell, to discuss the challenges and gifts of Diaspora to – community, writing, and publishing. The session is fully booked out, and is happening before the Queensland Writer’s Centre, Christmas Party in a coupleContinue reading “Diaspora Panel – WQ 275”

Child of the Diaspora – Making the Most of Beginnings: Miracle Monday 7

Born into privilege, born into poverty, born a certain colour, a certain gender, the beginning of life sets the scene and then we try to determine our fate, as those around us also try to determine theirs. Why me? Why did I have the opportunity to grow up in a country where there is socialContinue reading “Child of the Diaspora – Making the Most of Beginnings: Miracle Monday 7”