Uncaging the Bird Story in 8 – (2)

The bird can be so unkind.  Pecking the youngest of the family just because he is so loud.  The bird does not like competition for it is centre of its own world.  This family is its domain.  The bird owns the space – and gurgles deeply when it is happy with his power. The childContinue reading “Uncaging the Bird Story in 8 – (2)”

Swing Waiting For Child

swingwaitingforchild, a photo by gumbootspearlz creations – June Perkins on Flickr. I think this swing waits for a child or a person with a child’s heart or a parent with a daughter or son to entertain. This swing waits and is still for there is no wind. Today my friends, family and I facebooked aboutContinue reading “Swing Waiting For Child”


The Guinea Pig Mansion ‘Calico likes to eat his way out of everything,’ my daughter is giggling her story out to a fellow guinea pig lover.  The girls haven’t seen each other for a few months.  We haven’t been venturing too far since the cyclone and not necessarily visiting too many people.  However it’s aboutContinue reading “GUINEA PIG, CHOOK HOUSES & DRAGON FLIES”