The Poet at Play 2 – ‘Dream’ in many languages

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
I was writing a poem today, and wanted to name a character. For inspiration I looked at an old poem of mine, and borrowed its structure, but then the poem soon had a life of its own.  Sorry can’t tell you which one, as it is top secret. I decided…

Some Dreaming

  The thing is wherever you are, whatever your cultures, it’s always wonderful to have a dream. Three years ago I was given the opportunity to receive some audio recordist sound training on this ABC Open video. Children are so honest and imaginative when they share their dreams. We were all a little surprised whenContinue reading “Some Dreaming”

Boys can be more, they can be heroes in a new way.’: Miracle Monday 6

This week my Mum was sad because her niece lost her son and it brought many sad memories back for her of the loss of one of her son’s, one of my brothers. It always saddens me to think of the lost potential, especially of young men who feel disenfranchised, lost and who start toContinue reading “Boys can be more, they can be heroes in a new way.’: Miracle Monday 6”

Follow the Road to your Dreams

I love those inspiring affirmations people share on facebook and in beautifully made art cards. They mean much more to me than arbitrary zodiac readings. They are popular amongst many of my friends to post on, share or like.  They seem less artificial than some status statements. Perhaps in passing them on we know someoneContinue reading “Follow the Road to your Dreams”