Wonder a Day 1: Archery Dream

Archery (c) June Perkins

I’ve decided that each month I will set myself a blog challenge.  My readers are welcome to join in and post their links under posts.

January 2012 blog challenge: a photo a day (from January 4th) and something to wonder about a day.

I wonder why do people take up certain activities?

Archery has proven attractive for my daughter because of computer role play games where she says “I always chose to be an archer.”  It’s early days to see how long lived this will be but she had a huge smile on her face when her Dad bought her a real life beginner’s archery set.

Her passion is newfound, but the next question is what makes an interest become more than a hobby and become a life long passion?

I will watch the young archer in my family and see how she goes, but also look up archery clubs and so on for her.  Nothing like being encouraged is there!

You are welcome to post a link to your own post on your favourite hobby.

What was your favourite hobby as a child ?

Did you stick with it? 

Will you take it up again?

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.