Writing the Country

Lately I’ve been sharing a few book links – so excited to be making progress on non blog writing. It has me thinking about why I keep a blog? I also keep trying to pin down what I want to write about and why to share it on a space like this. So part of theContinue reading “Writing the Country”

Evolution of Shane Howard

Last year I was very excited and honoured to do this assignment for BushTV.   I have always been a fan of the song ‘Solid Rock.’ Shane Howard, Irish Australian song-writer of ‘Solid Rock,’ and founder of Goanna, has spent a life time trying to understand and distil the collective Australian story. This journey has beenContinue reading “Evolution of Shane Howard”

Dream Box at Murray Upper

A day for dreaming, big, small, surreal and real.  I had a brilliant time helping out and gaining some audio sound training with ABC Open producer Michael Bromage. Mini interviews with all the kids and some of the staff at Murray Upper were so much fun. We asked all the kids to share their dreams,Continue reading “Dream Box at Murray Upper”