Writing Journeys & the Power of Words

Saturday 29th April 2017, was a day to be inspired as authors shared their writing journeys and ideas on the power of words with writers and readers gathered at Bracken Ridge Library.  Both sessions were chaired by Sheryl Gwyther (introduced by Adele Moy), an Australian children’s author. She writes novels, chapter books, short stories andContinue reading “Writing Journeys & the Power of Words”

Presenting at Sandcliffe Festival: June’s Preparations

Last year when I was running my kickstarter campaign I came across the Sandcliffe Writing festival whilst online, and it looked kind of cool because it was concerned with diversity and was in Brisbane. I emailed them to let them know I thought their festival looked great and to say I had a book comingContinue reading “Presenting at Sandcliffe Festival: June’s Preparations”

Meeting the Sandcliffe Writers Festival Presenters: Duncan Richardson

Duncan Richardson is a writer of history, fiction, poetry and educational texts. He is an amateur historian and keen to uncover the hidden stories of Brisbane’s past. In his writing for children, he has brought bog-bodies and dinosaurs back to life and his novel Jason Chen and the Time Banana features the Great Fire ofContinue reading “Meeting the Sandcliffe Writers Festival Presenters: Duncan Richardson”