Dundee Park

I’ve been sharing a lot of poetry in preparation for the Magic Fish Dreaming kickstarter launch.  The poems shared are from older collections, that were mostly blogged or shared  in very limited print runs with friends.  A long time has passed but its fun sharing the works.  Dundee Park really exists, skull cave and all.

Ripple Poetry

dundeepark2 Skull cave, Dundee Park – June Perkins

Skull cave
Home for bats
For superhero dreams
The white horse wanders.

Swim away
Escape in floods
Nothing can contain them.

Where crocodiles once roamed by lotus
Pontoons are planned
And safe places are cleared for people to camp.

Lina shows us the steel nest
Keeps it to show scientists
Wonders if it was made by a rat.

Is it possible
That animals take the man made
And incorporate it into their defences?

A barramundi farm
Is suggested by the landscape
And the flooding that comes when it chooses.

The owners plan step by step
New beginnings.

dundeepark Dundee Park – June Perkins

(c) June Perkins

Another poem from the ‘Love Gumboots’ collection.

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