Submissions Week

This was a watershed week of submissions for me. I have spent most of the year reworking and editing a number of promising writing pieces, and working out whether some earlier projects are short stories, picture books or novels.  Sometimes I don’t know in the early drafts what the final form will be. Each pieceContinue reading “Submissions Week”

A Mentor’s Journey

  When you mentor you are working towards giving someone independence to achieve his or her own dream. You are not doing for, but inspiring someone to action. I made the short film above, inspired by Danielle’s dream for a dance drama where she danced both parts. She wanted to make a film called ShadowContinue reading “A Mentor’s Journey”

The days of porridge – draft1#

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Rocks for Art and Dreams – June Perkins The first draft of this piece is the outflow of the emotion of memory.  Next I want to write it  more in a way that shows not tells.  In this draft I like the way the porridge motif works and…

5 Thou Shalt Nots of the Writing Craft

Once we have beaten writer’s block, found our stories, and drafted them, then comes the intense process of editing. This is where we put ourselves to the mirror as writers and start to notice the blemishes and strong sides of our writing. Over time there are rules that we learn from editors, teachers, readers, bloggersContinue reading “5 Thou Shalt Nots of the Writing Craft”

Quest for brilliant first lines and strong openings

Standing on the muse’s dune, I want to hook the best first line ever. Don’t you long to say that about the first line you wrote to a short story or a poem?  If not you might want to say that about the best line you delivered to someone you had a crush on andContinue reading “Quest for brilliant first lines and strong openings”