Final Hours Magic Fish Dreaming some Special rewards

So we are down to the final 46 hours for Magic Fish Dreaming and we’re at 133 precious and beloved backers, We just need $342 to reach $10,000 AUD. Mini Education kit $65 AUD 1 plushy native animal toy, 1 Tasmanian Tiger Toy, 1 printed book signed by author and illustrator, 1 calico bag,Continue reading “Final Hours Magic Fish Dreaming some Special rewards”

Writers New to Blogging – Handy Tips 1#

Ivanneth Creative Commons So you’re a writer and have started a blog because everyone has told you to do so. Now you’re wondering how to go about it. 1) Pick your theme. With themes it’s a good idea to check what they look like on phone and tablet as well, as some themes translate betterContinue reading “Writers New to Blogging – Handy Tips 1#”

Murray Upper Cultural Day: A Photo Essay

Recently my son’s school went for a cultural day with some local Elders. The day began with a Welcome to Country. The children broke into smaller groups and some went for a rainforest walk to learn about the plants. It rained on the way so some of the students made hats out of leaves. TheContinue reading “Murray Upper Cultural Day: A Photo Essay”

The Power of Excellence and Dolls: Piece 14

My idea of beauty as I grew up was fair skin, straight blonde hair and green or blue eyes. Why did I choose the opposite of my own curly dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes? Are we naturally inclined to opposites, or was I being shaped by the popular culture around me?  I wasContinue reading “The Power of Excellence and Dolls: Piece 14”

The First Grader

The First Grader

Just watched an awesome movie about never being too old to learn, the inspiring story of Maruge.  The synopsis gives you the general gist of this film based on a true story.

It has some brilliant turning points to watch out for and is one of those films you will never forget watching.  How many more inspiring stories like this are they out there.  The colonial rule of the past is something with far reaching consequences if it is too quickly forgotten, and education is a tool to building a new future in Kenya.

This story reminds me of how privileged many people in our world are, and how others have very limited resources but make the most of every opportunity given to them to learn.  Jane Obinchu, the teacher, who gives Maruge the opportunity to go to Primary school, even though he is eighty four, is an awe inspiring lady, and reminds you of just what a difference great teachers can make in their communities.

I reccomend this film highly to anyone who ever feels they are too old to learn something or make a difference or who is trying to find the courage to stand up for what is right.