Engaged personal connections

This exhibition looks so interesting. Wish I could have visited it.

Art + Media

by Brit Bunkely, Adrienne Spratt, Michelle Backhouse, Pietertje van Splunter, Edward Walton Left to Right: St Cyricus, plastic, artificial flowers and Epoxy, 40 x 15 x 60 cm by Brit Bunkley; Netting, wire and acrylic, by Michelle Backhouse; Pouhine (red basket form), harakeke (flax), muka (flax fibre), commercial dyes. Raranga + whatu (M?ori weaving techniques) by Adrienne Spratt; Lake Alice Water-tower, plastic, paint and artificial flowers, 60 x 12 x 12 cm, by Brit Bunkley; Into the pink, wire and acrylic, by Michelle Backhouse; Cleaning the Air, 43 sec video + Daily Dishes, 7 min 11 sec video by Pietertje van Splunter; Oil on canvas by Edward Walton; From the War / No War series, six laser print on card reliefs (obliquely on the wall) by Hohepa; Kete Pingao, 20 x 10 cm, woven basket by Brenda Tuuta; Herenga rahi (Big connections/confinement), harakeke, muka, tanekaha bark and paru dyes. Raranga, whatu (M?ori weaving techniques…

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One more day at Magda Community Artz

Ruha 10-12 only if you want to catch up with her!

You can find out more about Magda Community Artz events HERE

Be Illumined

(Sunday 8th October)

This is your last chance to see the exhibition in Brisbane.

We are open from 10-4pm today.

From 10 until 12 Ruha and Minaira Fifita will be sharing tapacloth painting and talking about the background of how tapa and the materials put on it are created and where they come from.

And from 2-3pm  A workshop writing poetry inspired by the art in Illumine will be taking place, with poet June Perkins.

We shut at 4pm.

(And then it is onto the Gold Coast)

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Magic Fish Dreaming Art Works at Ashgrove Library Until the end of August

Magic Fish Dreaming

After the workshop June and I ran at Ashgrove Library

the library staff invited me to exhibit some illustrations from

Magic Fish Dreaming starting from now, until the end of August.

Then in September, the exhibition will be extended

to showcase more illustrations from all my books.

Feel free to drop by.

Helene Magisson

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Pollination – October 10th 2014

Kaitlyn performing her poetry

“POLLINATION was an exhibition that explored the powers and potentialities associated with springtime: both in the natural world and in the realm of  hearts and minds. The exhibition showcased individual and collaborative works by five creatives:”

1. Temily –  a visual artist whose work draws on a richness of experiences from living in numerous communities throughout the world (including recent travels around Queensland).

Temily with young fan – Kaitlyn in background posting about the exhibition on line 😉

2. Minaira Fifita –  a visual and performing artist whose artwork is grounded in her Polynesian and Celtic roots and nurtured by her faith in the unity and diversity of human relationships and it’s connection to the environment.

3. Sheida Vazir-Zadeh –  an Iranian writer raised in Australia who is currently exploring how the art of filmmaking can be used as a tool for the empowerment of young people.

Some of the Crowd – totally packed!

4. Kaitlyn Plyley –  an American-Australian spoken word artist, broadcaster and writer whose solo show ‘Not Much To Tell You’ appeared at the 2014 Queensland Poetry Festival.

5. Ruha Fifita – is a visual and performing artist of Tongan/European descent whose work reflects on nature and the physical environment, exploring the insights it offers into processes framing mankind’s spiritual and material progress.

(From the Exhibition Facebook Information Page.)

It was an amazing night full of energy, vibrance, colour and joy. People were packed into every spare piece of available floor, and overflowing out onto the streets.

There was music, dancing, poetry – and lots of people mingling to celebrate the themes of the art exhibition.

The exhibition spaced was provided by Box Vintage.

Ruha performing

For more photographs of  click  Pollination

For my Mother


I have to thank my Mum for believing and supporting me for tomorrow’s exhibition.  The above photo is NOT in the exhibition, but I am putting it here just for my Mum.

Today I had a very long day hanging the exhibition but the mekeo yellow was vibrant and strong, as well as lots of orange, maybe the spirit of ABC Open (logo orange).   Both these colours on the wall made me feel joy even when the going got tough and we had challenges to overcome.

Sally who helped me hang the exhibition, was valiant and brave and solved any of our day’s challenges pretty well.  By the end of it we were all tired, but it was on the wall and it looks like an exhibition.  Sarah did an awesome job with the labelling!  Was lovely to arrive and see my pile of labels all ready to go.

Hopefully all will go well tomorrow.  A few people stopped to look at it whilst we were hanging, some friends doing a workshop with ABC Open even gave encouraging hugs for tomorrow or a smile – which was all appreciated.

My daughter, who’d come with me, and I ended the day eating berry cheese cake and singing at the tops of our voices in the car on the way home.

When I arrived home I found a comfy old chair in the garden and watched the birds flying overhead.

I was treated to a large bird flying really low,  not sure what it was but it looked impressive.  I was too exhausted for a camera trip and it went away so fast, instead I captured the moment in memory, and then promptly dozed off on the comfy chair.

My hubby brang me a hot cuppa and we had a short yarn until the mosquitoes chased us inside.  What a day! Tomorrow, Smile Within Opens- and the butterflies are strong, but a little bit of that Mekeo Dance is in my photos even if I am terrible at dancing.

Thanks Mum and also of course my friend Pam, and Helen and Bill at Ezy photos, who have been so good to me these last couple of weeks.   I have to let them know that people noticed something about the paper on the walls and wanted to know what kind of paper I printed on.  On ya Bill.  Anyway now I need to snooze before tomorrow!  Time to have just a little bit more cocoon time.

(c) June Perkins all rights reserved.