Social Media: the Joys and Challenges for Authors

Here I have begun with my own story.  You will notice there are no statistics in it.  I have purely focused on more qualitative feelings about social media. This blog post is  part of a series for authors trying to do their best to manage social media and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or who areContinue reading “Social Media: the Joys and Challenges for Authors”

The Bridesmaid: Piece 12

I had three bridesmaids, three of them I went to college with, and two of them ended up at the same university as me. I lost touch with all of them partly due to my family’s relentless shifts and moves, but also through their relentless shifts and moves. I thought this would be forever, until, asContinue reading “The Bridesmaid: Piece 12”

Wonder a Day 14: Music

Today is another memory blog, of time at Yungaburra’s music festival.  Music is a wonder of our family’s life and this event from two years ago was part of the music journey they will take into their future. Full of workshops with people like Alesa Lajana, and concerts by people holding the workshops like herself. Continue reading “Wonder a Day 14: Music”