Celebrating Half a Century

The last few months I have had a special top secret project.  I have been making a book to celebrate my dear husband’s 50th birthday. But I haven’t been making it alone.  His friends, family, students and more have been emailing and sometimes telephoning me stories, and photographs.  There have been poems, telegrammatic messages,  aContinue reading “Celebrating Half a Century”

Chat with GrandDad Gerard

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
     Here is my son’s Chat with Grandad (my Dad) Can you tell me what countries my relatives are from? My parents, and my father’s parents, were all born in England. My father’s paternal grandfather (Jean Gerard) was born in France, and had “mixed” (African?) decent. My mother’s…

Yarning with Bubu

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
This is my youngest son’s interview with his Bubu (grandparent) ? Hello Bubu.  I am doing a project about my family history. Can you help? What do you want to know about your project? I am studying my family tree for school And we have your father and…

Yarning with Nana

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
This is another guest blog from my youngest son about his grandparents.  Maybe we can persuade them to guest blog one day. I asked Nana some questions and this is what she told me. 1) What countries are your relatives from? Pieter your Great Great grandfather was from…