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  It has been a bit more than one year now, since June Perkins contacted me to illustrate Magic Fish Dreaming, a series of poems describing, with softness, mystery and humour, the beauty and richness of a region of Australia: the Far North Queensland. This project immediately appealed to…

Magic Fish Dreaming – kickstarter has begun

  “Magic Fish Dreaming,  an illustrated in full colour poetry book, 36 pages,  written by June Perkins, is now set to ride a kickstarter wave, to take it into homes of people across Australia and the world. Brimming with the themes of nature, family, diversity, childhood and environment, Magic Fish Dreaming is inspired by theContinue reading “Magic Fish Dreaming – kickstarter has begun”

Family, Focus, Futures

I love making books for family members.  I have just produced my fifth book. I think the latest one may end up being for more than family one day due to its themes of cultural transmission and empowerment of young people, but it gave me such  satisfaction to take what I’ve learnt about writing pictureContinue reading “Family, Focus, Futures”

Kickstarter Adventures

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Some of our Kickstarter Rewards – Aren’t they so cute! These critters, after much searching, have been located to become part of the Magic Fish Dreaming family. They are super delightful and even cuter when you see them in real space.  The crocodile is cuddly and he is behaving…