Meeting the Mascot


Moving to the city has meant being able to attend sporting events like the Hawks versus Gold Coast. Recently we went to Metricon stadium, (it’s less than an hour to the Gold Coast from Brisbane.)

This was the first game live for our footy mad youngest son.

All of my husband’s family have been baracking for Hawks for generations through their good and lean years. We met with some of his extended family in the first half break.

The stadium was full of Hawk’s fans! The brown and gold was everywhere, and everyone sitting near us were Hawks fans. They were quite friendly and chatty not to mention very funny. One man kept telling the players to please come over our side as most of the action was on the other side of the field. When they did come over our way he was ecstatic.

There was a lot going on pregame, with fire eating, drumming, and kick a footy etc. There were other competitions from sponsors like win a $1000 dollars and kisscam, which also operates at the cricket.

The stadium itself is so close to the game, and not so large you aren’t close to it all. We sat very close to the front on the ground level.

The mascots for both teams walked around, and the Hawk’s mascot was especially hard working, and had lots of photos with the fans, especially the children. So to our youngest’s special moment, a photo with the Mascot on the fence.

And of course a massive win for the Hawks by 99 points!!!