Blog Blasting The Fix-it-Man

Welcome to my contribution to the The Fix-it-Man blog blast! You can find more sneak peak posts  and sneak reviews TODAY at all the following super cool online spaces where people review and interview authors.   Kids’ Book Review – Tania McCartney – review Creative Kids’ Tales – Georgie Donaghey – + Tours at theContinue reading “Blog Blasting The Fix-it-Man”

Chat with GrandDad Gerard

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
     Here is my son’s Chat with Grandad (my Dad) Can you tell me what countries my relatives are from? My parents, and my father’s parents, were all born in England. My father’s paternal grandfather (Jean Gerard) was born in France, and had “mixed” (African?) decent. My mother’s…

Don’t Kill That Recorder: Piece 7

  Dad was keen to instil in us a love of music. The very first instrument he taught me was the recorder. He told me that so many people killed it when they played it. He was determined I wouldn’t be one of them. He himself played the recorder, beautifully, along with the tin whistle.Continue reading “Don’t Kill That Recorder: Piece 7”