Dancing on Air


From newdressday.com Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance on air

I loved watching Fred and Ginger dance.
Late at night I would watch old movies
waiting for the impressive scene
with the big dance number
where they would tap, and twirl.
I wanted to trip the light of elegance and rhythm.

But I never shared that with anyone.
My mother took my youngest brother to tap.
He used to watch the movies with me.
He also loved Michael Jackson
and his moon walk dancing.
He loved them and his lessons.

But then he had an accident and was in a wheel chair.
Eventually he walked again and now he can shuffle dance.
I never learnt to tap.

Sometimes I wish my brother was just as he was,
and then I know that can never be and we must love him as he is.

He likes to laugh and play a bit of cricket.
He talks in slow motion but still tells great stories if you’re patient.
He can still watch Fred and Ginger dance on air.

His elegance is his courage to get on with life
and ignore the tears of others
tripping the light of endurance
outliving Michael J.
to do his thriller shuffle.

Maybe I should learn to tap.

(c) June Perkins