International Women’s Day; pen portraits, poetry, posts past

Wishing you a happy International Women’s Day.  Wishing you strength in your quests to empower women. Enjoy! Weaving Sunset A poem. Poetry of Mahvash Sabet  A review of a poet rising above her situation of being a religious conscience prisoner. Empowerment of Women A reflection. It’s all in the Sidetracks When I first met Jennifer Martiniello.Continue reading “International Women’s Day; pen portraits, poetry, posts past”

The Common Ground

Think of the last time you were afraid, the shortness of breath, the no-please- I-don’t-want-to- feel-that-way-stomach-knots that made it impossible to move and all you did to find courage. Universal courage. Think of the last time love surrounded you and gave you a sense of safety, so much shelter and growth that you just wantedContinue reading “The Common Ground”

Beyond Prejudice

I refuse to see myself through your eyes to let your lens become my disguise. I won’t give in to its stereotype. I won’t become your lie. My wish for freedom will not die. You strip me back to my bones classify me by skin tones. I am more than my skin; If you lookContinue reading “Beyond Prejudice”

Freedom For Every Child

Originally posted on Magic Fish Dreaming:
From the Perkins Family Archive I wish for every child in the world, freedom from war, freedom from hunger, free education, and someone who cares for them and loves to read them poetry. Thanks so much to the following people for their much valued and precious feedback on Magic…

Freedom to Believe: Miracle Monday 4

Religious freedom is too sacred a right to be restricted or prohibited in any degree without convincing proof that a legitimate interest of the state is in grave danger.                      Frank Murphy So why don’t we always give each other the freedom to believe? Why doesContinue reading “Freedom to Believe: Miracle Monday 4”