Beyond Prejudice

Shirren Lim, Flickr

I refuse to see myself
through your eyes
to let your lens
become my disguise.
I won’t give in
to its stereotype.
I won’t become your lie.
My wish for freedom
will not die.

You strip me back
to my bones
classify me
by skin tones.
I am more than my skin;
If you look deeper
you could be kin.
I cut you adrift
deflect the hurt
you sought to give
so I can simply live.

After I have healed
from your slight
I send out a light
to shade us both.

I won’t become your lie.
My wish for freedom
will not die.

(c) June Perkins

Freedom For Every Child

Magic Fish Dreaming

From the Perkins Family Archive

I wish for every child in the world, freedom from war, freedom from hunger, free education, and someone who cares for them and loves to read them poetry.

Thanks so much to the following people for their much valued and precious feedback on Magic Fish Dreaming.

Thank you to the Children’s Book Academy for their recent interview.

Thank you to the Sandcliffe Writers Festival for giving me a voice. And everyone who stopped to look at my book and those of other presenters on the table at the Bracken Ridge Library.

All the people who helped make this book delight in knowing how young readers are responding to the art and the stories and I do pass your messages on to Helene Magisson our illustrator as well.

It gives me hope!

I have begun work in earnest on a sequel to Magic Fish Dreaming.  …

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Freedom to Believe: Miracle Monday 4

Freedom to Believe – June Perkins

Religious freedom is too sacred a right to be restricted or prohibited in any degree without convincing proof that a legitimate interest of the state is in grave danger.

                     Frank Murphy

So why don’t we always give each other the freedom to believe?

Why does history and the present show humans imprisoning, restricting and seeking to deny this freedom?

All in the name of religion?

How important  it is to seek out the truth.

Right now, can we give this freedom to believe back and call out to free prisoners of conscience and wish for them the miracle of others gaining the understanding of the need to preserve this freedom?

Today I wish for that miracle, I pray for that miracle and I join Baha’is and all our friends around the world who say‘Five Years Too Many.’

Wishing this same freedom for all those prisoners of spiritual conscience across the world.

i have a dream wall
I have a Dream Wall – June Perkins