How I am Writing my Memoir

I am so thankful for my blog because it has made me regularly record my life as it happens and as remembered.  As I write my memoir my various blog posts have been a rich resource to mine. But now I must go beyond the blog.   And in this journey beyond I turn to:Continue reading “How I am Writing my Memoir”

Photographing Tully

I’ve been out and about photographing Tully events again. To see pictures of the Tully Biggest Morning Tea Event at the library you can visit.  Tully’s Biggest Morning Tea. This is one of my favourites of the day.  It’s of one of our wonderful local library staff  and a dear friend making sure the teaContinue reading “Photographing Tully”

Ten Months on From Cyclone Yasi part 2

10 Months on from Yasi and we have a new pet Mynah bird – a cane toad of the sky – but it’s been removed from the gene pool to be our beloved pet. It fell out of a tree. Hubby and everyone love the bird. It is so sensitive and loves to snuggle upContinue reading “Ten Months on From Cyclone Yasi part 2”