Walking the past in the present

Time is a culturally bound construct. We may, based on what culture we are born into, think we move chronologically, but in many cultures we carry the memory and ancestors with us in stories, songs and myths and a belief in the presence of spirits. The past walks with present and the present with theContinue reading “Walking the past in the present”

More paper please

It was so Dickension – the moment I headed off to the paper supply office at my school. I had gone back into the public system after being in a small alternative school and this was my journey back into the mainstream system. I was on what was called the ‘free list’ which meant ourContinue reading “More paper please”

Firelight Sing-a-long

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Firelight Singer – By June Perkins By the firelight we singalong.  We’ve asked eldest to bring out his guitar and he’s become our karoke machine.  He knows so many songs.  But he doesn’t sing aloud with us yet. Hubby sings the loudest, to the beat of his own…

Boys can be more, they can be heroes in a new way.’: Miracle Monday 6

This week my Mum was sad because her niece lost her son and it brought many sad memories back for her of the loss of one of her son’s, one of my brothers. It always saddens me to think of the lost potential, especially of young men who feel disenfranchised, lost and who start toContinue reading “Boys can be more, they can be heroes in a new way.’: Miracle Monday 6”

At the Oscars with the Perkins’s

So it’s raining – and our wet season, which is deciding whether to arrive keeps threatening.  Just a moment ago we couldn’t see the canefields across the road. I’ve spent the morning trying to fend off a cold.  As well as having all my kids at home sick with coughs that would drive their teachersContinue reading “At the Oscars with the Perkins’s”