Ghosts in the Cane

Been thinking about those Ghosts in the Cane again lately.

Rose and Swan Theatre

the cane2

First there was a song, then everyday spooky, and gradually as I worked in the Tholos the ghosts in the cane began haunting. The Cane Ghosts will be back I am sure.


Are the ghosts in the cane always filled with melancholy? I am not sure if they are always sad. Sometimes perhaps they are happy. The dove cooed this morning after the gentle rains that precede the coming of the wet season of summer.

Sometimes I forget that it will rain for months on end. I forget what it is like to be without the tears that hit the soil again and again.

Then – I forget what it is to have a dry day. Rain is all there is. The wet days are often sticky like honey, like sugar.

This year we will leave when the rainy days come. We will take a journey from one end…

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