The Writer Looks for Her Song

This weeks arrivals in the mail!

The highlight of the week was receiving  package of books that I had ordered on line, including my favourite poet, Maya Angelou!

I am busy reading them now.  The Murphy book, Pearl Verses the World, was just lovely~ so looking forward to meeting Sally on the 26th of August and asking her to sign it.

This week I put a notice up on my social media space, ‘Gone Writing’, and then disappeared to write and edit.  It ended up being more editing than new writing, but it was a productive week nevertheless.  I also contemplated singing more, and listened to lots of music, from Enya to Adele, whilst writing, .

I had put my novel away for a while and was ready to come back to it fresh, restructure and then move back into the book and finish that all important first draft. I knew that later in the week I would be at an editing workshop put on by SCWIBI.  I spend a lot of time at my computer so it is always precious to catch up with writing friends, both old and new.

This week I  spent time working with youth.  They always inspire me when they grow in confidence and engage with topics of peace and ending war with optimism.  I have been working with this group for a year and a half now and they are just going from strength to strength.

If I have a chance I will pop back into the blog to say a little about the inspiring Think Like an Editor workshop, where we covered topics like ‘writing from the heart’ and finding our unique ‘voice’,  and ‘writing for the joy of it to practice, with no pressure of publication’ to improve our writing, but this is a quick blog just to say, the less I blog for now, the more I can work hard on those all important writing projects.

Thanks everyone who is a blog follower!

Feel free to look back through old poems and stories, etc in this space. I might even do some reposts of favourite blogs.


Leonie Tyle receiving thank you  gift from Sheryl Gwyther at Think Like an Editor


At Learn to Think Like an Editor Workshop with some other  writing participants Charmaine Clancy (organiser of the Rainforest Writing Retreat) and new friend Margaret. Saturday 12th August

Focus Time

Brisbane – through the trees – June Perkins

I am finally into the draft of a novel.

It is
full of adventure
an environment and world that sparkle
characters that delight me
and I want to know what happens next.

Now I just need to make more time to write it.

A little less blogging and social media will help me through the draft.

I want to do more reading though, and the last few weeks have read some historical fiction to keep me inspired.
Now is a time to concentrate, but also daydream my story. Time to focus on the task at hand.

So dear readers I’ve gone writing but I will be back soon, perhaps with something to report.
The completion of the first draft?

To all my friends taking a similar pledge – less social media writing more concentrated fictional writing, poetry writing, or non fiction project – goodluck.
Will check in with the Monday writing sprint group as they are a merry band of writers who write on a Monday together, online, in their own studies across Australia and the world.

Also have to write my newsletter, so any of you subscribed to that I’m putting it together today.
And of course there’s the holidays too – all family home from Friday for a few weeks (my husband is a teacher).  We’ll probably have a few adventures of our own too.
Enjoy your holidays, christmas, writing, and creating.

Best Wishes,