How to use Silly to Cope with a Natural Disaster


Today I flew in to Jedda Bradley’s facebook space for a chat.

It was bucket loads of fun – the full interview mentions reality tv, chocolate, guinea pigs, chainsaws, and Hamish and Andy.  

To read why visit  Jedda Bradley’s Artist Page.  Here is a short extract.

Chatting with Jedda

Ten BIG, medium and tiny Questions for June….who lived through the terrifying nail-biting cyclone Yasi that hit the Cassowary Coast of North Queensland and then she had to clean the s*** up. Really not fair! I mean, it’s bad enough going to a scary movie and having to remember to take my popcorn box and my coke container to the bin but this kind of clean up you can’t even get the hoover out and just let it suck everything up.

So June….

1) What implement is most effective in cleaning up after a cyclone?

If you have one, or can borrow one, a chainsaw!

2) What clothes are best for cleaning up after a cyclone? And if you had to create a brand of unique clothes just for cleaning up after a cyclone what would you call it?

Anything you’d paint your house in and don’t care about, because it can get messy and sweaty. Hat and protective gloves, and reasonable boots would be helpful.

I have no idea what I’d call a clothing brand that was made for cyclone clean ups. I do know I would like such a brand to be non-profit, designed by comedians, and given out by Council, Red Cross and charities.

It would be great to have a funny, inspirational and educational clean up tshirt with reminders on the back like ‘take care with power lines, drink plenty of fluid, don’t do too much, help a friend, be kind to the SES, etc’ and a space for people to write on the tshirt their own personal saying or slogan with a fabric pen.

I wonder what Hamish and Andy would call a clothing brand.

3) Who was with you during the cyclone? Did you get ring crunch because you had forgotten to take off your wedding ring and were holding David’s hand too tightly?

My hubby, our three kids, four pet guinea pigs, our lovable but crazy bird Peep (who took off to bring other birds to our house for shelter), and two pet quails.

For the entire interview visit  the delightful Jedda Bradley’s Artist Page

If you want to be eligible for a free ebook or free photo print visit Jedda’s facebook space and leave a comment just like Melissa has.


We are at the half way point of the blog tour. I look forward to the next stop at Carol Campbell’s poetry blog.

Better get busy making sure the final launch activities are ready.  Thanks so much to everyone supporting the tour.

Guitar Sunset

2013-06-29 2013-06-032

Continuing my holiday break from Miracle Monday and Saturday Writing Saga blogs.

A week of holidays have passed.  We haven’t been going anywhere much, just to Mission Beach for an art’s workshop my daughter was booked into  (she painted an Outback Cat) and into town for a farewell to a friend’s shop, they are closing after twenty years or so.  

But we have been having a topsy turvey time – with our dear Pet Guinea pig Chocolate, suddenly passing away.  We had a burial and funeral for him in the garden, and have been comforting our last remaining guinea pig, Soot, every day.  He has a soft toy crocodile, about the size of a guinea pig to snuggle up to as well.  We all feel very sorry for him losing all his guinea pig brothers, but he is responding well to all our cuddles.

My dear Hubby, had a stack of teeth pulled out, and is in a lot of pain adjusting to dentures.  Yikes!  He is not quite himself, but every now and then laughs and tells jokes and we know the real him is slowly coming back.  We have nicknamed him ‘Toothless’ after the Train a Dragon character, just for fun.

We’ve had some brilliant sunsets, and they have inspired me to take portraits of my eldest son playing his guitar with the back drop of it, and to do studies of cane, clouds, and sunsets.

I am itching to get back into some concentrated writing, but have made myself finish projects, and completed the Smile Within photographic and text exhibition book and am just waiting patiently for my proofing copy to arrive before I finalise it, and organise the isbn etc.

After thinking about it for ages, I finally made a photo book of the children’s portraits and some nature photographs.  I called it ‘Country Kids’ and will let the relatives know about it, after I check the proofing copy.  I took the guitar sunset pic after I produced it and may add it to the book, or do a new one.  I love making photo books, and there are so many programs to do them in now so I am giving them all a bit of a whirl to find the one I like most.

I am doing a Story Cartel course, must get onto more exercises for it today.  The feedback from other cartel members so far has been useful.  I am also trying to find some time read someone’s book this week to review, and looking forward to it.

Later in the week will be having some video mentoring! Looking forward to it, and working on a short script today for a video postcard.


2013-06-29 2013-06-030

Guinea Pig – Pet Magic


It’s true pets have a major restorative power.  Just looking at this photograph of our guinea pig Misty makes any stress I am feeling go down.

This last week I have been doing tonnes of administration – and am learning about insurance as a solo writer/artist.  My local artist friends have given me heaps of tips and I am almost there with a solution to my insurance dilemmas.

I am also in the midst of working out the cheapest and most attractive way to hang documentary photographs.  The local photoshop are giving me a big hand with this one and I’ll be off to the hardware store soon to get some more help, quotes and get this underway.

The other day I went into see a friend in town and they gave me a beautiful book The Honey Thief to read.  I enjoyed it so much I have already finished it and I think it’s inspiring me for ways to approach some of my own writing.

I love books rich in culture and history, yet accessible and this book is truly like that.

Really itching to do some creative writing – and will start doing some daily even amidst all the busyness.  Writing is just something that calls to me and says – time to write that story down.  So dear blog if you suffer a bit it’s because I’m working on a story saying ‘it’s my turn to be written.’

Look out I have some paid commissioned online writing coming up, and I will post the links in the usual places, including here.

Today I am enjoying the cooling powers of the rain. Yesterday I was browsing ABC Open and considering it was time to do another review as there are some amazing things happening over there, and some new projects about to be launched.

(c) June Perkins