How to use Silly to Cope with a Natural Disaster

Today I flew in to Jedda Bradley’s facebook space for a chat. It was bucket loads of fun – the full interview mentions reality tv, chocolate, guinea pigs, chainsaws, and Hamish and Andy.   To read why visit  Jedda Bradley’s Artist Page.  Here is a short extract. Chatting with Jedda Ten BIG, medium and tiny QuestionsContinue reading “How to use Silly to Cope with a Natural Disaster”

Guitar Sunset

Continuing my holiday break from Miracle Monday and Saturday Writing Saga blogs. A week of holidays have passed.  We haven’t been going anywhere much, just to Mission Beach for an art’s workshop my daughter was booked into  (she painted an Outback Cat) and into town for a farewell to a friend’s shop, they are closingContinue reading “Guitar Sunset”

Guinea Pig – Pet Magic

It’s true pets have a major restorative power.  Just looking at this photograph of our guinea pig Misty makes any stress I am feeling go down. This last week I have been doing tonnes of administration – and am learning about insurance as a solo writer/artist.  My local artist friends have given me heaps ofContinue reading “Guinea Pig – Pet Magic”