Climb that Wall into Creativity

June Perkins – Obstacle – not with climbing gear.

May your week be full of things that spur you to climb any wall keeping you back from achieving your dream, and don’t forget to have the climbing gear you need on hand and the perfect climbing boots…  

I’m busy writing a chapter book and finding out lots of things about famous people and their pets.   Audrey Hepburn and a fawn, Mozart and a Starling, and Abraham Lincoln and a pig…   Non fiction genres definitely calling.

I love being in the flow of writing on a daily basis, but there’s always walls to climb … even if it’s for the characters.


Writer and Creative Gumbootspearlz


I just wanted to share my professional website with you.  The picture above is of the front cover. You can find the website by clicking  HERE or on the image above.  It includes some video, links to books in progress, and sound cloud as well.

It has been wonderful obtaining feedback, from coworkers or participants in  projects completed in the past, for the testimonials section.  It is interesting to see yourself through the eyes of colleagues. I’ve also created a new business card which visually matches up with the site which arrived this morning!

I am delighted to be working on editing my second interview for this year; it is with the inspirational Cairns based singer songwriter Shirley Lynn who is also part of a band Blue Tonic and the duo Silktones. The conversation with Shirley was motivational and informative.  I loved finding out more about her journey and look forward to sharing it with you soon.

I so relate to song writers especially those who work diligently on their craft and wish to leave a legacy of stories and vision through the power of music.

I am looking forward to attending Alesa Lajana’s concert in September and hearing some the songs from the Hidden Histories project.

I’ve mapped out my writing projects and am trying to tackle them methodically.   A memoirs is well in progress and I am in the process of lining up people to read the first version when it’s finished.  A children’s picture book idea has now headed into its second draft after feedback from a critique group.

I’m on the hunt for photographs friends took when I was a child in Tasmania, and can’t wait to see what they are able to send me.  Some collections of poetry are now well on the way and I am sure to start sharing them soon.   The ebook for After Yasi is nearly finished.  I’ve sent off another submission to an anthology as well as a short story to a competitions, and will do the usual and forget about it for several months and hope that the work makes it into the anthology or gains some notice in the story competition.

Thank you so much to all the blog readers who have been following and encouraging  my creative journey, and a special thank you  Jenni M., Danny, Joanna, Gail, Pam, Talitha, Di,  Helen P. and my dear daughter for their kindnesses, and keeping me motivated, and ever focused on the reasons that I write and develop my craft.

All the best to any of my blog readers working to share their voice in the crowded world of authors and storytellers.  Don’t forget your uniqueness and bring that and your imagination into the work that you create.  I hope your dreams come true.

Talking with Trees


Under the shadow of my favourite tree the rest of the world slipped away.
No need to worry about lunch time small talk.
No worrying about a lack of lunch and mum and Dad miles away by my brother’s hospital bed.

Sometimes a close friend dropped by to share the time with me and the tree,
but often just time to meditate and learn to find that strength within.

Under the shadow of a tree only the words of the green light and the bark’s insight.
Changing colour of leaves, texture of the earth beneath.

Still I play back conversations with the green enfolding me in comfort of a friendly tree.

(c) June Perkins




When I pass

Always behind
seeking to capture textures of a family walk
mushrooms in a tree stump

When I pass
is this one of the images that will flash before me?


When I pass will I see
reality lights of cane and sunset
flickering orange, green merging and
realise my soul is
an interconnection of light to light memories
people there flicker
into lamps of their soul


The lamp of my soul
becomes zen of light and circles
all colours
and none
is this what souls look like
when we pass and go to meet our loved ones?



(c) June Perkins, images and words.

A Month of Reflections

tropical reflections3

Like many other keen ABC Open contributors, this month I am participating in the Snapped Theme: Reflections.

My photograph of the cane and lilies is already up alongside some photographs I truly admire.

There are already over 500 inspiring contributions to look through.

I have just submitted this one.


I love this theme!  Looking forward to many more  tricky, intriguing, creative, awe inspiring, reflections over the coming days.