Climb that Wall into Creativity

May your week be full of things that spur you to climb any wall keeping you back from achieving your dream, and don’t forget to have the climbing gear you need on hand and the perfect climbing boots…   I’m busy writing a chapter book and finding out lots of things about famous people andContinue reading “Climb that Wall into Creativity”

Writer and Creative Gumbootspearlz

I just wanted to share my professional website with you.  The picture above is of the front cover. You can find the website by clicking  HERE or on the image above.  It includes some video, links to books in progress, and sound cloud as well. It has been wonderful obtaining feedback, from coworkers or participantsContinue reading “Writer and Creative Gumbootspearlz”

Talking with Trees

Under the shadow of my favourite tree the rest of the world slipped away. No need to worry about lunch time small talk. No worrying about a lack of lunch and mum and Dad miles away by my brother’s hospital bed. Sometimes a close friend dropped by to share the time with me and theContinue reading “Talking with Trees”

When I pass

Always behind seeking to capture textures of a family walk mushrooms in a tree stump When I pass is this one of the images that will flash before me? When I pass will I see reality lights of cane and sunset flickering orange, green merging and realise my soul is an interconnection of light toContinue reading “When I pass”

A Month of Reflections

Like many other keen ABC Open contributors, this month I am participating in the Snapped Theme: Reflections. My photograph of the cane and lilies is already up alongside some photographs I truly admire. There are already over 500 inspiring contributions to look through. I have just submitted this one. I love this theme!  Looking forwardContinue reading “A Month of Reflections”