A Sunset Break: Writing Sagas 13

2013-06-14 sunsetmurrayupper 047
NQ Sunset, on cane – June Perkins

This week has been so busy that blogging has had to take a back seat.  I’m trying to FINISH things.   Ever had that problem of being a great starter but a slack finisher.  I realise I have really fallen into that danger and it’s time to climb out of it!

I did a creative audit and found that I have about four projects that need only a few final touches, or a send off to publishers, or a final edit or review.  There are another five that are well progressed but needing the final lap.  I can’t believe how much writing and photographing has built up in the last four years.  It seems the country has been a muse.

I plucked up the courage to format something properly and send it to a Literary Agent.  Now I have to keep up the momentum and send the other manuscripts off, before I am too deeply into writing the next one.  I may have to look to send stuff to a few agents, or publishers. I’ll content myself with researching it for a while.

I worked on putting together a community photo book to sell through Blurb, which has had all the material sitting there for months whilst I am busy with other things.

I am very excited to about to begin Story Cartel!    I have been thinking of doing this for a while, and got myself organised and booked in.  I love that I can do it from home.

The other thing this week was that it finished with a beautiful clear sunset.  I have to be on the look out for them now as we have some clear evenings and are surrounded by some amazing spots to photograph.

It’s always good to be out in life, finding things to be inspired by.  Sometimes my heart is a little too busy taking care of my family and my health.  I have an ongoing skin condition psoarsis which likes to flare up every now and then.

It’s always a reminder to me to slow down, and go and drink in those sunsets and show extra love to my beloved ones.

2013-06-14 sunsetmurrayupper 023
NQ Sunset – By June Perkins

Just Run

wallaman falls 347
Sneaker – by June Perkins

I am in the process of finding my running identity again. As a child I loved to run. As an adolescent I loved to run. Whenever I needed a break, to think, to be by myself, I ran. Sometimes I wanted to be like the great 800 metre runners, or cross-country specialists. I was competitive for a while, but somewhere along the way I stopped running and I don’t really know why.

I studied, read, and went to the gym and aerobics with a friend whilst at university. Soon I was on an exercise bike and walking around the block. Then I was chasing after my kids, playing with them, studying still. There never seemed to be time to run, except after the kids, and yet the heart beat of a runner was still somewhere inside of me. I went to Yoga and did find that relaxing, but I never really took to it like my childhood love of running.

The last ten days I have been dreaming about running, and then getting up and actually doing it. I have started slowly, and made certain discoveries. Some of them are that my clothes are too loose, and I think I am bigger than I am when I buy clothes, my self-image is not so positive in this regard. Now I have shorts that fit properly when I run, no more hitching up my clothes in fear they will fall away. I need to wear my shoes or I just find my shins hurt too much. I always used to love running barefoot. I have very light running shoes though and they are almost as good. I run in them.

I know I love to run!

I am not running to lose weight, that would be a nice side effect, I am running because I love running. I love the feeling of being able to pick up the pace when I want to. Today I ran until I got the stitch. I pushed myself – to that tree, now that fence line, just to the corner, I said to myself ‘walk but only for a little way June, then run again.’ Then meeting up with my kids playing in a playground nearby, I raced them, yes to the fence, I nearly caught up – and I could feel the running bug truly set in.

Finally after my ten days of toying with running I am starting to feel the beginning of a habit, a memory of running as it was when I was younger. I don’t run to win, I run to think, to feel close to nature around me, and to just enjoy the control of my movement.