Riverbend Books Event – 18th January 2017

It was a magical day of discovering and hunting for poems at Riverbend bookshop. Vicky from Riverbend books gave a warm introduction, and shared that our book was crowd funded, beautifully done, and well supported by the local community. I let our audience know where the book was set, but think maybe next time IContinue reading “Riverbend Books Event – 18th January 2017”

Extracts from Our Previews

Originally posted on Magic Fish Dreaming:
Like the work of Michael Rosen and Shirley Hughes, images and words combine to evoke the textures and spirit of landscapes. Felicity Plunkett, Poet and Poetry Editor University of Queensland Press Magic Fish Dreaming should be out, open and working its magic in every kindergarten, primary classroom and home—it…

Beyond Caterpillar Days: Sneak Peek

So, so exciting! Super, super busy! I think I need a pair of butterfly wings! Flap, flap. Above is our second last sneak peak of the enchanting illustrations by Helene before the launch. Just one more reveal! No poem to reveal, as you’ll see that in the book.  Wow, our caterpillar book is about toContinue reading “Beyond Caterpillar Days: Sneak Peek”

Picture Riddles Hinting Magic Fish Dreaming

Originally posted on Magic Fish Dreaming:
This is just a portion of a  Magic Fish Dreaming illustration, a teaser, a riddle to make you wonder what the rest of it looks like . This is so the book will mostly be a surprise when you receive it and read it for the first time. The…