Last Chance: Magic Fish Dreaming Pledges

The kickstarter has just 3 days to go. We are currently at $9491AUD and would love to make it to $10,000AUD if we can – Anything more would be amazing as we would dearly like to print the book hard cover, but we are so thrilled with how much we have been able to raiseContinue reading “Last Chance: Magic Fish Dreaming Pledges”

Magic Fish Dreaming interview

You can read an Interview with Ali Stegert on Magic Fish Dreaming HERE. “Magic Fish Dreaming is a children’s picture book project written by my friend and crit-buddy June Perkins and illustrated by Helene Magisson. Today, I interview the author about her beautiful work and her dream of bringing the project to fruition. A DreamyContinue reading “Magic Fish Dreaming interview”

Passing the $5000AUD Mark!

So excited to let you know we have just passed $5000, and are now at $5049 raised towards our green light $9000 goal. Just $3951 more and we will have our project definitely up and away! There are just a few more hours left in our special Cassowary soft toy and book reward, so ifContinue reading “Passing the $5000AUD Mark!”

Kickstarter Explained

For those not familiar with the kickstarter platform, it is a form of crowd funding where our project, Magic Fish Dreaming, only goes ahead if we raise the minimum amount for us to cover your rewards and the book, which in this case is $9000 (so far we are at $4800) If for some reasonContinue reading “Kickstarter Explained”