Highlights of 2015

It has been a brilliant year.

These are just a few significant photo highlights, taken by and with various members of my family and friends.

Birthdays, book launches, engagements, visitors, writing group,  arts exhibitions and arts events.

A special thanks to my super busy friends who still make time to catch up for a coffee and chat (so much so that we forget about the time and our stress) and friends not seen for years, who make it seem like yesterday we last saw each other and no time has passed.

A special thank you to friends who email, text, phone,  drop around, meet up, invite us to be part of your special days and are a caring about me and my family.

And to new friends who invite us into their world and make us feel a sense of belonging, you are so kind.

And finally to those who are travelers and reach out in friendship to new people in a land they may not have known before, so hope you feel the love of Australia when you visit.

Love to all,